A Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Lyme Disease Doctor


Choosing the best specialist to treat Lyme disease is an important decision that requires a lot of consideration. Here is how to choose the best doctor for Lyme disease.

In order to find the right Lyme disease doctor, you need to do your homework and come up with a list of potential specialists. Start by asking those around including family and friends who have used the services of a Lyme doctor before. Similarly, you can ask your nearby hospital for recommendations or do an online search.

Find a doctor who has been treating Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections for a number of years. An experienced doctor will come up with a treatment plan that will be designed for your individual case. Make sure you read their online reviews and testimonials to find out their success stories before you trust them to treat you.

The doctor should also be able to provide treatment for chronic Lyme disease which affects the brain and causes the immune system to be sluggish. Also, the clinic where the doctor operates should be recognized for treating anxiety and depression which is mostly caused by the Lyme disease as well as excessive intake of antibiotic treatment.

Before you hire a doctor for your Lyme treatment, make sure that they have the right credentials and training. Inquire where they received their certification and ensure that it is from a reputable institute. Besides, they should be members of an established medical society such as the Infectious Disease Society of America which requires them to follow certain guidelines when they are treating tick-borne diseases.

Choose a doctor who is willing to tell you the type of treatments that area available and which they are going to use for your situation. Each treatment my work the same for all Lyme patients, therefore, the doctor has to come up with a treatment that will work for you. They may also develop a treatment plan based on whether there is presence of co-infections, if you have been using steroids which can suppress the immune system, your response to previous treatments and your overall health.

Finally, it is important to visit the lyme clinic where the doctor will be operating and ensure that they have all the right equipment. You may want to pay attention to the environment and the serenity of center as well as the customer service of the staff. Inquire about the rate of their success in treating patients who suffer from the Lyme disease so that you can make an informed decision. The facility should also be conveniently located and have good security. Visit Sponaugle Wellness Institute now to know more.

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